STEADFAST .300 BLK 125gr Lead-free Frangible (Sinterfire) Reman LC- 20 rds – FAST SHIPPING


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25 in stock

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STEADFAST .300 BLK 125gr Lead-free Frangible Reman LC is constructed utilizing a Sinterfire, copper/polymer composite projectile loaded in remanufactured/repurposed Lake City 5.56 brass casings.

Frangible ammunition is designed to powderize upon impact with hard surfaces to prevent ricochet risks and improve safety during close-quarters combat.

These brass rifle casings are remanufactured. Some of these casings may have cosmetic defects such as surface scratches, dings or light tarnish. These cosmetic defects do not affect performance.

Velocity: 2050 fps in a 16" bbl with 1:8 twist

Recommended for barrels with a twist rate of 1:7 or slower – e.g., 1:7, 1:8
Barrels with a twist rate faster than 1:7 (e.g., 1:6, 1:5) may cause deformation of the bullet. If deformation occurs, accuracy will be greatly-inhibited. If using a suppressor, the deformed bullet may damage the suppressor.

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.300 AAC BLK 125 gr Sinterfire Frangible

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