12ga, 2 3/4″, 1 oz, #7.5 Chilled Shot Fiocchi 3 Gun Match Line – 25 rds


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Known for reliability and accuracy beyond its price, Fiocchi ammunition delivers the performance competition shooters need to maximize their efforts and minimize time on the clock. Used for practice and competition, Fiocchi offers many loads appropriate for 3 Gunners who need lots of ammo to prepare and compete. For shotgun courses, look into our Shooting Dynamics shotshells (1 and 1 1/8 ounce loads at several different velocities) for the ultimate in clean, consistent shells for high volume practice. Loads developed for semi-auto shotguns using the right amount of performance to reliably operate auto-loading shotguns with as little recoil as possible to reduce shot-to-shot times and recoil recovery.

Chilled Shot

Manufacturer Product #: 12DL3G75
Gauge: 12
Length: 2 3/4
Oz Shot: 1
Velocity: 1170 fps
Shot Sizes: 7.5
Shot Type: Magnum Lead

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions4.25 × 2.5 × 4.25 in